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"...thank you for helping us to promote health care education. We deeply appreciate the funds given to support Cass Regional Medical Center and the deserving scholarship recipients."
- Sonya McLelland, CFRE
Administrative Director
Foundation, Marketing & Public Relations
Cass Regional Medical Center


The Healthcare Services Group Charitable Foundation Matching Scholarship Program is committed to financially assisting students pursuing healthcare related education who intend to work in Missouri communities served by our member hospitals.


Founded in 2012, the vision of the Healthcare Services Group Charitable Foundation (HSGCF) is to fund healthcare programs that advance the quality of patient care, patient safety, and community wellness.

The first initiative of the Foundation is to address the need to assist in funding education for those persons pursuing medical and support specialties to staff Missouri hospitals. The intention is to fund education of locally talented students who are pursuing careers in healthcare and plan to return to hometown communities upon graduation. By helping hospitals cultivate prospective healthcare employees, quality patient care will be increased throughout Missouri communities.

The program provides matching financial assistance to students awarded financial assistance by hospitals that are members of the Healthcare Services Association and insured by the Missouri Hospital Plan (MHP). Specifically, HSGCF matches scholarships or healthcare related tuition reimbursement provided by non-profit member hospitals throughout Missouri. This scholarship program is designed to facilitate, attract, and retain healthcare providers in Missouri. Successful applicants will be selected by member hospitals throughout Missouri and will exhibit high academic achievement, commitment to a career in healthcare in Missouri communities, as well as possession of personal characteristics expected of quality healthcare providers.


The program requires that a hospital be a current member of the Healthcare Services Association and insured by MHP. The hospital must first support the student with a scholarship or through a healthcare related tuition reimbursement program.

Application Process

To receive consideration, the member hospital contact person will complete an application for each match requested and return to the Foundation. Electronic submissions of the applications are encouraged. HSGCF matches up to $3,000 in scholarships per year per member hospital. If awarded a scholarship, the hospital will receive notification by official letter. The match is given to the hospital for distribution to the student and subject to all monitoring requirements of the hospital.

Please complete the application and submit online.

If unable to submit online, please contact us for a PDF version and return via ONE of the following methods:
Email: scholarship@hsg-foundation.com
Fax: 1-573-893-3748
Mailing Address: HSGCF, Attn: Scholarship Coordinator, P O Box 1498, Jefferson City, MO 65102

Post-Scholarship Requirements

The HSGCF scholarship funds are subject to any requirements the hospital may have for their scholarship funds. For example, if the hospital requires repayment for failure to meet their requirements, the hospital will not be required to return the portion of the scholarship funded by HSGCF. The hospital can use that money to fund future scholarships.

If awarded a scholarship, the hospital and student may be asked to work with our communications personnel to develop news communications concerning the award. Scholarship recipients are also expected to comply with all monitoring requirements established through their host hospital.

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